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Sigh No More

Here on this dreary day in south central Pennsylvania I choose to catch up the, two or three regular, readers that I have not given anything to for the past months.  But no more sighing and waiting on bated breath, I recently met with a friend who is working with a missionary in Nicaragua who was looking for some help designing a retreat for local pastors.  I jumped at the opportunity and will spend the next several months working through this project, and keeping you all up to date with the design.

The ministry’s name, Respo Divino, or Divine Rest.  This project is to be a two story courtyard building on a site that is roughly, 60 x 60 square feet, 7-8 bedrooms, an apartment, a library, a office, a kitchen, a dining room, and, most importantly a courtyard and several other opportunities for outdoor space.  I have initially spent time understanding the societal and environmental importance of the courtyard using the book “Courtyards: Aesthetic,  Social and Thermal Delight” by John Reynolds.  Next to designing.  The building is to be completed in a Spanish Colonial Style and shall be as self-sustaining as possible so it is necessary to think about the use of both passive and active systems including, Grey Water Collection, Passive Heating and Cooling, and Solar and Wind Generation.

I look forward to sharing my process through this project with you.