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Post Graduation Deluge

Sometimes it seems that life catches up to you and often gets the better of you.

Since graduation life has been a non-stop affair, from a wedding to teaching at an Architecture Discovery Camp to settling into a job.  It seems as though I do not have time to catch my breath before the next deluge of life pours down over me.  What the next one is I do not yet know but I am considering anticipating it although it is not worth going through life holding your breath so I must move forward.  This blog (musings of architecture) was originally meant to chronicle the journey through my graduate year and my master’s thesis project.  While that has fell behind on the highway of life I think it is important, no essential, to keep writing about architecture, whether articles about buildings, sketches, projects, and photography.

So, here is my pledge to this blog, and possibly the few readers that are out there, to keep you up to date on how architecture and my life are still intertwined.  I have several different trips this summer that I am planning and am always sketching and photographing nature and architecture.


Today, I really want to spend some time talking about a phrase which I am sure goes around in most professions.  “If you cannot do, then teach.”  Frankly, I do not believe that those who choose to become professors within their field cannot do; in fact, they choose not to do, often time making less money and gaining fewer accolades for their work.

This last week I spent time teaching and mentoring a group of eighteen high school students about architectural design.  Needless to say, you may understand why I am bringing up the phrase, “If you cannot do, then teach”.  This week was a challenge and a triumph for me because it allowed me to explore something which I developed a passion for this last year of school.  Mentoring others allows you to have a huge impact on the lives of students (or in this case camp members).

Even more now as I am settling back into the rhythms of life I am, more than usual, realizing how much those that have taught me still impact my decision making, still impact what I think about with a project, still impact what I think about from day to day.   From my design professors who encouraged me to think about the smallest details, to my architectural history professor who, forced me to memorize countless buildings, which, (if I may be honest) thought would never matter, but alas,  I think about them constantly through form and social meaning as I work through any project.

Think about it, think through some of the most influential people in your life, chances are they are a relative or two, then a friend, but chances are there is a teacher somewhere near the top, whether a high school gym teacher or a professor or a mentor.

In my mind, “Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.”