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Goin’ to the Chapel

        Now that I have reached the end of the semester it is important to begin to document the work that I have produced throughout the semester.

        The first project which I spent time on during the process of the graduate thesis selection was a small chapel that was to be located in either a small town in Madagascar or a hilltop compound in Honduras. I selected the Madagascar site, which is located in the small city of Morombe, not just because of an interesting urban location but also because it dealt with not only the contextual language of the architecture but also the liturgical functions of the chapel. The results of my chapel show a simple masonry structure with an effort to maintaining the contextual values of design and understanding the climate features which will greatly impact the buildings use and function in not only the summer months but also the winter months. Below are some of the drawings that I did for the finished sketch presentation.



Seasons of Change

First of all I would like to apologize, it has been quite some time since I have posted anything pertaining to my project. Today is the day for catching you all up with the challenges and triumphs that I have went through in the past 21 days.

Last I posted was pertaining to the project I was planning to work on in Rockford. Since then, I had switched my project to the city of Aurora, been tempted back to Rockford, but finally settled in Aurora, working on a project very similar to that of the Rockford Project. Sadly this means I will no longer be able to obtain Turkey Hill Iced Tea while traveling for my project. But, Aurora is the best choice for me to work on a project in, due to the support structure that is already set up with the the City Planners, Historical Society, and the Community.

Since then, I have begun to whole heartedly look at the way that the city developed throughout history, focusing on three cardinal dates, 1888, 1945ish, and 2009. I say ‘ish’ because the development of the project is centered around a type of map called, Sandborn Maps, these maps were created so that fire companies could know what type of buildings they were being called to at a moments notice. The Sandborns are usually created over a certain amount of time, and the distance of time between the completions of one Sandborn to the rest varies greatly. Thus, the use of the word ‘ish’. The value of these maps are, they not only show detailed footprints of the building, but also uses and types, window placement, and interior walls. All of these elements create a very valuable platform to jump off of when looking at the historic city as a whole. The present state of the city is much more challenging to determine because the most recent Sandborns were produced in approximately 1955.

My Goal is to post later and provide my thesis proposal, as well as a post on my sketch project, the Madagascar Chapel.

Thank you all for you support


I Still Haven’t Found What I am Looking For

So many options to many choices flying around my head concerning the studio project to pick.

Meanwhile, I am working on a church design for a congregation in Madagascar. The church is expected to be 8 Meters by 18 Meters(26′ by 60′). Because I have not had much experience with a liturgical church it is intriguing reading into and understanding the Anglican Denomination of Christianity. There is many very specific rites that they hold significance to, and very specific ways these rites are carried out.

After the next draft of the project I will do my best to scan in some images of the project and what I am working on.

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